OUR PURPOSE:  Connecting & Empowering Women of All Backgrounds

10 years ago, our CEO & Founder, Fabianne Keily, started running seminars around Australia for women on finances, health and relationships.  Along the way she met thousands of women who had lots of skill and talent who were holding themselves back simply due to a lack of confidence and self belief.  

She realised that there was a real need for empowering women on a personal level that would naturally translate to their business or professional life and so the Real Woman Global Network was born with a mission to help women get connected, be empowered, have fun and make a difference.

Since our launch in April 2008 we have had the privilege of empowering thousands of Women, receiving the Queensland Premier's Award in 2011 for our 'Outstanding Contribution to Women'. 

Our Logo...the 'Glass Stiletto Shoe' represents women who refuse to let life's hardship and trials defeat them, just like 'Cinderella'.


OUR PLAN:  Empower | Connect | Inspire

We EMPOWER: Real Education:  In the words of Oprah Winfrey 'Education is Power' so to support women across the globe we built a Global Online Education Portal. 'EMPOWER University' has a large range of personal and professional development courses to empower women to thrive in business, in the workplace and in the community.  These courses can be done at your own leisure and convenience!

We CONNECT: Real Connections:  Real Woman Global provides a range of different events to help women get connected, be empowered, have fun and make a difference.  These include our signature event 'EMPOWERED Woman' and our soon to be launched Annual Conference 'EMPOWER'.  

We INSPIRE: Real Inspiration:  With a readership of over 100,000, the REAL WOMAN Magazine is the Premier Business, Lifestyle and Travel Magazine for Women.  Distributed nationally through the Virgin Business and VIP Lounges, as well as globally online; the REAL WOMAN Magazine gives readers the opportunity to learn from Experts across the Globe on topics including Mindset, Health, Money, Work, Image, Lifestyle & Giving.

OUR CEO & FOUNDER | Fabianne Keily

Fabe (aka The Empower Queen) is a 'Bling' loving speaker, educator and entrepreneur who has been pursuing her passion for empowering women since 2008.  After 4 years running Events around Australia between 2008 and 2012, Fabe realised that the greatest challenge for women in the 21st Century was not a lack of skill but rather a lack of confidence and self belief in their ability to achieve their personal and professional goals.  With over 25 years experience in Events, Fabe decided to use her skill and expertise in this area to help women get connected, be empowered, have fun and make a difference.  

A DIAMOND Network Partner is a woman who is passionate about empowering women.  She typically has her own business and is looking to grow her business at an accelerated pace by hosting Events as part of the Real Woman Global Network.  She displays strong leadership qualities and loves helping others.

ENQUIRIES NOW OPEN for Brisbane, Gold Coast and New South Wales and Internationally.  
Please email enquiries@realwomanglobal.org to express your interest!  

Sunshine Coast, QLD | Narelle Zerk

Narelle has been with Real Woman Global since it's founding in April 2008 and is an inspiration to many women in her field.  As a qualified IT Professional in the area of Geospatial Information Systems and Technologies (Town Planning), Narelle has a passion for empowering women to create a healthy work/life balance and seeing young women excel in life, supporting them to fulfil their dreams.