OUR PURPOSE:  Developing Strong Women in the Workplace, in Business & in the Community

We believe "Strong Women are Women who Build each other Up not Tear each other Down".  Founded in March 2008, Real Woman Global (formerly What Working Women Want) exists to Empower Women Globally to be all that they can be through the power of Education, Connection and Inspiration.  

We believe in working together with Men to achieve great outcomes in the workplace, in business and in the community.  Since our launch in 2008 we have had the privilege of empowering thousands of Women, receiving an Award in 2011 for our 'Outstanding Contribution to Women'. 

Our Logo...the 'Glass Stiletto Shoe' represents women who refuse to let life's hardship and trials defeat them, just like 'Cinderella'. In the words of Eleanor Roosevelt "The Future Belongs to those Who Believe in the Power of their Dreams". 


OUR PLAN:  Educate | Connect | Inspire

We Educate: REAL EDUCATION:   In the words of Oprah Winfrey 'Education is Power' and our GLOBAL Online Education Platform has been built to empower women personally and professionally, to equip them to reach their full potential in the workplace, in business and in the community.

We Connect: REAL CONNECTIONS:  Understanding that for women to reach their full potential it is vital they feel CONNECTED, REAL WOMAN Global provides the opportunity for women to connect in person through our LIVE Events: Networking Events, Social Events, Annual Conference and ONLINE via our Facebook Groups.  Women get access to a vibrant and growing Global Community, while being motivated in a positive and empowering environment.

We Inspire: REAL INSPIRATION:  With a readership of over 100,000, the REAL WOMAN Magazine is the Premier Lifestyle and Travel Magazine for Women. Distributed nationally through the Virgin Business Lounges and popular hotel lounges, fitness centres, hairdressers, accountants and financial planners, as well as globally online; the REAL WOMAN Magazine gives readers the opportunity to learn from Experts across the Globe. For women of all cultures, backgrounds and occupations.  (Launching June 2017)

OUR CEO & FOUNDER | Fabianne Keily

Fabianne (aka Fabe) is a 'Bling' loving connector, educator and entrepreneur who has been pursuing her passion of empowering women while working in other leadership roles since 2008.  Having grown up with 5 brothers, Fabe understands only too well what it takes to thrive in a male dominated environment.  In September 2015, Fabe made the decision to quit her full time job and commit herself to following her passion of empowering women.

A DIAMOND Business Partner is a woman who is passionate about empowering women.  She typically has her own business and is looking to grow her business at an accelerated pace through the power of networking.  She displays strong leadership qualities and loves helping others.

ENQUIRIES NOW OPEN for Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide and Internationally.
Please email enquiries@realwomanglobal.org to express your interest!  

Sunshine Coast, QLD | Narelle Zerk

Narelle has been with Real Woman Global since it's founding in March 2008 and is an inspiration to many women in her field.  As a qualified IT Professional in the area of Geospatial Information Systems and Technologies (Town Planning), Narelle has a passion for empowering women to create a healthy work/life balance and seeing young women excel in life, supporting them to fulfil their dreams.

Gold Coast, QLD | Elisha Richards

Elisha is a young woman with inspiring leadership qualities, who has achieved a lot in a short time.  Showing tenacity and spirit, Elisha was a serving member of Australia's Defence Force before returning to the Gold Coast and following a family tradition in the Real Estate Industry.  Elisha is passionate about connecting with people and an Ambassador for the Children Charity 'ICANIWILL' striving to end bullying, and granting wishes to children.